Welcome to the Believe You Are Enough MIndset Program for Women.

We all tell ourselves stories about ourselves and what we can do.

If you want to change your life, first you need to change any limiting story that you tell yourself about who you can become and what you are worthy of experiencing in life.

This mindset program provides you with proven strategies to transform limiting beliefs and fear-based thoughts that hinder you from taking steps to BE your best self and create your best life. 

As the author of Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your Story Unleashes Your Power to Move On and Be Happy, I understand the frustration that comes from wanting to move forward in life but the dominant conversations taking place in our minds become roadblocks to the positive change we want to experience in our life. 

Here's What You Need to Know About the Program

The Believe You Are Enough Mindset Program for Women is a practical and empowering personal development program designed to help you shed limiting stories holding you back and develop new empowering perspectives about yourself that inspire you to take action to create the life and career you truly want to experience. 

How Do I Know If This Program Is Right For Me?

Here are a few signs that might indicate that you're ready to slay this goal achievement program for women: 

1. You are tired of going through the motions with no sense of purpose or passion making little to no progress in your career. 

2. You are stuck in a transition and you want to get clarity about how to best navigate your way forward with success. 

3. You want to tackle your procrastination habit head-on by holding yourself accountable for taking action towards something that really matters to you now.

4. You want to develop effective self-leadership skills to own your power and potential.

5.You desire to step up to the plate and pursue a dream and goal that matters a lot to you.

Who Am I & Why Am I Qualified to Help You Develop An Empowering Mindset?

Years ago, I was living below my potential as a college dropout with two children living on government assistance. My life intersected with a spiritual teacher who helped me to reconnect to my divine worthiness.

The process involved me releasing unforgiveness in my heart, embracing a higher state of consciousness that empowered me to transform my perspective of who I am, who I could be, and what I am worthy of experiencing in life.

This shift in my perspective about myself enabled me to shed the limiting beliefs that fueled my disempowering self-talk. As a result, I went from earning minimum wage to become an award-winning leader of several successful high-performance teams and 7-figure businesses during my 20+ corporate career. 

Today, I'm the author of four books and the CEO of Greatness Made Simple Training & Consulting where I teach professionals how to activate the gifts of greatness within themselves to build a life and career they love.

It's time to lean in and explore the spaciousness dwelling within your power, potential, and possibility. 

The great news is, everything that matters to you improves for the better when you believe you are enough, and begin to live forward in this truth towards what you desire to experience in life. 

There is a direct correlation between your level of self-trust, and the degree of personal power you feel and demonstrate in life.

This program will help you develop and maintain the self-trust necessary to move beyond what is familiar and begin to step into the fullness of what can be in your life.

Your Next Level Awaits

This mindset program will educate, equip and empower you to: 

1. Cultivate inner peace by practicing radical self-acceptance and self-love.

2. Explore and embody your badassery, unapologetically. 

3. Increase your self-trust and self-assurance and become decisive and proactive towards creating the experiences you want in life. 

4. Develop a growth mindset, a winning attitude, and emotional resilience so that you have the inner resolve to stay the course when faced with challenges on your journey to next-level greatness.

5. Transform your relationship with fear to see it as a gift that inspires you to show up for yourself.

6. Embody your authentic power with the courage to show up and shine in your brilliance.  

7. Be more confident in the value that you bring to any relationship.  

8. Develop more positive regard toward yourself and others. 

9. Improve your personal effectiveness to lead yourself, influence others, and achieve goals.

10. Feel proud about your progress and the goals that you accomplish.  

As a result of developing these personal success traits, you will embody your greatness, and experience the following: 

  • You will deepen your connection to your inner resources and authentic power.
  • You will be confident in standing up for yourself, including setting boundaries in relationships.
  • You will feel extremely proud of yourself for challenging yourself to tap into a greater level of your potential. 
  • You will see yourself and your life with new eyes. 

This level of self-assurance will enable you to develop and maintain a presence that helps you to better connect with diverse people.
When you are grounded in the beliefs "I Am Enough", and "I Got This",  you live and lead with a greater sense of personal power, intention, and purpose toward taking aligned action to experience better in your life. 

This mindset program is for you if :
  • You're ready to live in the fullness of your power, potential, and possibility.
  •  You're ready to deepen your connection with and trust your intuition.
  • You're tired of constantly second-guessing yourself.
  • You're willing to acknowledge what's working and what's not working to build a bridge of actions to close the gap between the two.
  •  You're willing to invest time to learn new things, improve yourself to BE more, and grow yourself to DO more.
  • You're ready to show up differently to experience different in life.
This mindset program is not for you if :
  • You're not willing to dive into deeper questions to increase your self-awareness and self-knowledge. 
  • You're not willing to do what it takes to grow.
  • You're not coachable and you're not ready to try new things.
  • You're not willing to invest in your personal growth & success
  • You want to sit around waiting for some magic bullet before taking action to create positive change in your life. 

When You Enroll: 

1. You will have immediate access to the 2.5 hours of mindset and emotional mastery audio training. 
2. Gain access to three pre-recorded webinar training on mindset, goal achievement, and personal branding,  plus a bonus workbook and eBook. 

3. There are no contracts. You have lifetime access to this program. 

100 % Money-Back Guarantee
This program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
If on or before the 30th day of your initial enrollment in this program you are not completely satisfied,  you can request a full refund from me, no questions asked. 

What You Will Be Able to Do As A Result of Investing In the Believe You Are Enough Mindset Program for Women:

  • Develop empowering beliefs about yourself.
  • Increase your self-trust.
  • Reconnect to your inner knowing and intuition.
  • Detach from the negative influence of people's limiting opinions about you and what's possible in your life.
  • Be more confident in your decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Better manage the voice of your inner critic.
  • Be a more self-assured woman.
  • Encourage the exploration of risks and risk-taking with the intent to learn, grow and be your best self.
  • Uplevel your life, relationships, and career in ways that satisfy your soul.

For just a one-time payment of $35, discover proven strategies for developing an empowering perspective of yourself and transform your self-talk to level up your life and career.

Better is not only possible, it's doable by you.

Enroll NOW In the Believe You Are Enough Mindset Program for Women.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the "Believe You Are Enough Empowerment Course"

    Show Content
    • Intro: Clarity is Power

    • Meditation: Dear Me

    • Meditation: I Am Enough

    • Lesson 1 : You Are A Spiritual Badass

    • Lesson 2: The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth

    • Lesson 3: Vulnerability Is A Superpower

    • Lesson 4: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

    • Lesson 5: The Power of Your Beliefs

    • Lesson 6: Transforming Your Relationship with Yourself

    • Lesson 7: Self-love + Your Worthiness

    • Lesson 8: Speak Kindly to Yourself

    • Lesson 9: Daily Gratitude Attracts Abundance

    • Lesson 10: Forgiveness Will Increase Your Inner Peace

    • Lesson 11: Design Your Life with Intention

    • Lesson 12: Boosting Your Self Worth

    • Lesson 13: Awaken to Your Authentic Self

    • Lesson 14: Become the Observer of Your Thoughts

    • Lesson 15: Creating Breathing Space for Your Emotions

    • Lesson 16: Say YES! to Your Desires

    • Lesson 17: Self Trust Is the Secret to Success

    • Lesson 18: What's In the Way Is the Way

    • Lesson 19: Changing Your Approach to Rejection

    • Lesson 20: A Word On Resistance

    • Lesson 21: Dare to Shift Your Relationship with Fear

    • Lesson 22: Bring Curiosity to Fear

    • Lesson 23: Commit to A Path

    • Lesson 24: Choose Wonder Over Worry

    • Lesson 25: Choose Love to Raise Your Energetic Vibration

    • Lesson 26: Awakening to More JOY! Yes, Please

    • Lesson 27: Meet Life with Full Presence + Power

    • Lesson 28: Let Your Best Self Shine

    • Last Words: The Wizard of Oz

  • 02

    The Believe You Are Enough Action Workbook

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    • Believe You Are Enough Action Workbook PDF

  • 03

    Go Be Great Life Visioning Workbook

    Show Content
    • Go Be Great Life Visioning and Career Success Workbook

  • 04

    What It Takes to Be A Great Leader eBook

    Show Content
    • What It Takes to Become A Great Leader Ebook 3

  • 05

    Pre-Recorded Webinars

    Show Content
    • Mindset Mastery Essentials Webinar

    • Goal Achievement Webinar

    • Become A Brand, Not An Employee

Enroll Today In This Mindset Coaching Program for Women


Jackie Capers-Brown

Instructor Bio:

Jackie Capers-Brown is the founder of #TheGoBeGreatMovment. She is an award-winning business leader, author, corporate trainer, and self-leadership expert. Jackie built her award-winning corporate success against numerous odds as an hourly employee with Marriott Hotels. She worked her way up through the ranks within three divisions of the company to become a "Best of the Best" manager and executive leader of high-performance teams and several successful 7-figure businesses. She believes that self-leadership is the foundation from which all success is acquired and sustained long-term. All of her training and coaching involves an inside-out process by which she helps her clients dismantle inner barriers to their success to adopt and model the habits and skills necessary to experience their next-level lifestyle. Contact her at www.jackiecapersbrown.com.

Jackie Capers-Brown

Course Creator

Social proof: testimonials

“Working with people that often times failed to see the opportunities that exist for them, Jackie managed to show them a little bit of what can be, a little bit of what they can achieve if they work hard and stay focused. When I started working with Jackie, I was merely a young kid who did not have a direction in life. She saw my talent, and challenged me to succeed, challenged me to become the best person, colleague, and manager I could be. She showed me how to be successful. ”

Regional Visual Manager at Louis Vuitton

Daniel Ferrucci

“ I attended Ms. Jackie's Lead to Succeed multi-week leadership seminar. She is very passionate about what she does. When I first met her, I was thinking to myself...darn why I couldn't have a cool person like herself as a boss. Ms. Jackie is an awesome leader, motivator, knowledgable, smart, and skillful person. It was a pleasure meeting and attending Ms. Jackie's leadership seminar. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom!”

Claims Benefit Specialist at Aetna

Shelia Summers

“ I was challenged to go to the next level by participating in one of her master classes, "Get Unstuck Now". Ms. Capers-Brown has affected my life in ways she will never know. Her ability to be candid will cause the common person to change the stories they have told themselves. The MY DRIVE format of her master class, allowed me to look at the paradigms in my life, and make a shift. Because of my personal triumph over self-limiting beliefs, I teach her principles to my therapy clients. If it were not for her willingness to be a person of change, I would not be making a difference in the lives of others. ”

Professional Counselor & Consultant

Ursula Rivers

“My experience with Jackie Capers-Brown has led me on a journey of discovering and embracing my authentic self. Her insight and compassion encouraged me to open up and reconnect with my core values and show up as a leader in every area of my life. Jackie’s innovative and bold style of coaching challenges her clients to become the best version of themselves by delving into the core issues hindering their growth and development. Slay Your Greatness Academy has allowed me to fast-track my goals for achieving personal and professional success!”

Healthcare Pharmacy Leader

Michelle Stokes

“I highly recommend Jackie Capers-Brown for any organization that is looking for a speaker that can connect to an audience and provide real-world insights and constructive ideas for anyone seeking to inspire and develop their leadership and management skills.”

Former Chair, SC GMIS

Rita Anderson

“I reached out to Jackie to help with assisting my staff with professional development because of her favorable reputation in our community. I was happiest with the personal approach, professional correspondences, prompt services, and the follow-up she provided. I would tell anyone seeking training and professional services that her feedback and follow-up will energize you, and she cares and truly desires for you to succeed.”

Reading Consortium Director at The United Way of the Midlands

Kimberly Isaac-House